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That’s my Purse!!!!!

Hump day humor for the week!

Friday Funny


I have decided now it’s time to get back to the worksafe humor guest writers being pretty girls! I’m sorry if Vivek’s ashy knees tramatized any of you, but this week I bring you a video from the lovely Susan.
This video… wow, what can I say. This is why they invented Riddlin . This is arguably why they invented birth control. Is this how heavy metal was invented? Is this kid too young to stroke out, blow an o-ring?

Wed’s humor and random a$$ post

I haven’t done a hump day humor post in a while. Now, I konw the trend was to post stuff sent to me by pretty girls like

Marcy P



Anna Bannana

but tonight you are going to have to settle for a man of Indian decent with ashy knees.


Thanks Viv!!!!

Dear cheese manufactures:
I have decided that there is no reason to produce mild cheddar cheese any longer. It tastes like nothing…. There is no good reason to produce it any longer. Please stick with Sharp and Extra Sharp cheese.
Zach “Cheese Lover” Lewis

Military Video, worksafe humor

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any worksafe vids, and it’s time to break that trend.
I respect and admire the folks who protect our great country more than just about anybody, and the movies below I thought were funny as hell. I’m glad to see they are still having a good time over there! With all of the political BS flying around right now, I’m glad to see that their spirits are still high and that they know how to have a good time.

The second video I believe is from our friends across the pond, but funny just the same.
Thanks guys, give them hell!

Work Safe Humor

This weeks guest author is the one and only Anna Banana. Have you noticed the trend of the guest authors being hot girls? Maybe this will get me more hits!!!!

This one is worksafe”ish”. If “ass” is too much for you to handle, wait until you get home.


Good stuff! Thanks Nanners!!!!
Happy Friday Everyone!!!