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BFC’s Texas Trip

My old skydiving buddy Glenn (BFC), was in Texas for a few days last week, and I thought I would share a few pics from the festivities.

Pre-Party at my place with Doc Bill, Glenn, Ingrid and me.


On The Road with IV webcast show, from my house. Does that make me a real studio now?


At the bar in Denton.

Only in TX: Rainy Wed’s afternoon, rinkin’ and shootn’ on the back porch.

Shoot with IV and BFC

Launch party at Estilo in Austin.

Matt’s Wedding, Florida


My day job is in the offices of a Fortune 500 company, where you will usually find me flying my desk. About 2 weeks ago I had our HR Generalist come to my desk and told me that my name was on one of her “lists” and that I needed to take a vacation. I can accrue up to 6 weeks of vacation time before I max it out, and it would seem that I was maxed out. I told her there was no need to worry, because my buddy Matt was getting married and I was about to fly my happy butt down to Florida for 5 days to help him fit his ball and chain around his ankle. :) So I owe Matt big for this trip; it’s never good to be on a list that HR walks around with.


I’ll see if I can make this post more about pics, than about words.




Matt and Cathy were married in Cape Canaveral, Florida, right by the beach, and just a few mils from the Kennedy Space Center. Several of us from the old days made it down with enough time to make the wedding a nice little vacation as well. We were able to do just about everything we wanted, including: spending a day on the beach, a good bachelor party, seeing the Kennedy Space Center, hanging out by the pool, and spending an evening in Orlando. One quick note about Kennedy: I wish I did more research on this location. There was enough to do there to easily spend a full day, or 2 half days. We only had a few hours, and I left wishing I had more time to see the rest of what they had to offer.



The wedding was really nice! One of my favorite things was the fact that the hotel, the wedding, and the reception were all in the same complex. This helped keep the stress levels down, and made the timing of events pretty simple. Everything went off without a hitch, and Matt and Cathy “made it right in the eyes of the lord” in front of their friends and family.



Keni said I had to

And she was right… what can I say. If you consider she is one of my only outspoken blog fans, you would probably agree I need to listen to her warning. As usual I’ve been slacking and have gotten behind in my posting escapades. I feel like I’ve left the Acapulco post incomplete. So maybe I should start there? Sure. Why not.


The trip was really amazing for so many more reasons that I can begin to express in words or photos. First of all, the whole reason fro the trip was for Oscar’s wedding. The thoughtful reader might be asking…who the funk is Oscar? Well old chap, I’ll tell you who Oscar is. I don’t think I have any friends who I have had or known longer than Oscar. I have pics of Oscar and I as infants playing in the tub (nope…won’t be posting those!!! :) ). My mother was friends with Oscar’s parents when she lived in Mexico, and some of my very first memories include Oscar and his parents (Oscar Sr. and Silvia). They used to come up and stay with us when I was younger; in fact I remember the first time that Oscar saw snow while he was visiting us. For a few summers my parents would take the family to Mexico for the family vacation for a week or so, and when they went home they would leave me with Oscar and his family for a few more weeks. Without going into too much detail, I bet you are starting to understand that Oscar and I spent a lot of time and experience a lot of life together. That is the type of friend that you never forget or stop thinking about no matter how many years have passed or how much distance separate you.


Silvia and Zach


Oscar Sr. and I


It had been a long time since I have seen Oscar; In fact, I think it had been over 10 years. I think the last time I saw him was when he came up for a church ski trip when we were in high school. We have been in limited contact over the internet, but had largely lost touch since then. So I haven’t seen my buddy in many many moons, I had not seen his father in even more moons, and it had been at least 3 years since I had seen his mother. So getting the chance to see all of them together in Mexico for his wedding was something absolutely amazing. Getting to see him as a sucessfull adult with a great career and a beautiful and intelligent wife was absolutely priceless.

Mom and I

The other big part of this trip was the fact that I got to have a vacation with my Mom. My Mom lives about 100 miles away from me now, so I don’t get to see her as often as I would like to. She and I haven’t had the chance to go on a trip or vacation like this in a long time, and it was so important and so valuable to me to have the chance to go on this trip with her and spend time with her. We spent so much time together doing everything from laying out on the beach, to going out and walking around the city together. To make it even more special was the fact that when she was a young girl she spent lots of time with her family in the same city, and she ended up living down there for 2 years. To have the chance to hear her tell me about how things were and understand the things that I have heard about my whole life but never experienced first hand was really interesting. Now that I’ve grown up a little , I think I also have a better understanding and appreciation for the life she lived and the things that she went through when she was young. When you start to understand that, it also helps make better sense of my life with her as a child.

Silvia, Minerva, and Mom


My Mom, and Silvia preparing real Pacific Mexican food for lunch (No TexMex here!)


On top of all of that, the wedding was amazing! I’ve been to some Pimptastic weddings recently (cuz i’m old now and everyone is getting married)…and I don’t want to hurt the feelings of any of the people reading this whose weddings I have been to…… but holly crap…this one would be one anyone would be proud to call their own. I really could post an entire post just about the wedding. For now, let’s just leave it at this. P I M P.
Oscar and his girls at the wedding



The trip was great, and will be something that I remember for the rest of my days.

Acapulco Pics


There will be some upcoming pics soon with some details and stories from the trip. Below are a few pics from the trip, and if you click on them it will take you to my flickr account with even more pics to check out. I haven’t had a chance to fix any of them up (maybe this weekend) or add any tags/titles to them, but this is at least a start.



Oscar and Pati’s wedding was amazing, and the trip was a fantastic success! I’ll try to have more up soon.


Texas Tech vs. Texas AM: Vick Um! and more

Pics from the trip are in the gallery. Gallery is right-chow

Well the trip that I look forward to all year, every year has come to an end for 2007. I think this is the 7th or 8th year that Rob and I have gone back to Lubbock for a big football game (AM or UT) with a number of our friends, including: Blake, John, Sean, Bobbie, Chad, Kendra and several others. This year it was Blake, Rob and I going back for my favorite Tech home game: Tech vs. the feared and menacing sister kissing Texas Aggies! More to come on that soon.
the goose

Zach and Tim

We headed out to Lubbock just after work, and made it to see Ellis just after 10pm for some of the best food around, and to present our offering of “the goose”. Tim met us up there and we hung out for most of the night in that area and had a good time. Rob and the goose became real good friends, and we met some nice people along the way. :) . In fact, the goose stayed with Rob for the next 24 hours or so. It was cool to see how many people were there now that they re-opened Klusoz, and open the back door from that bar into Ellis’s area. By the way, Klusoz seems to be even cool than it was when I was a student hanging out in there. Check it out if you get a chance.


Most of the Saturday was in preparation for the game. We crashed at Tim’s place for the weekend and he was nice enough to start us off with a good breakfast to get us going. Thanks Tim!!! We headed to campus around noon or so, and ended up having to park wayyyy the funk out there! The cool thing about that was we got to see all of the tailgating that was going on. A few years ago the tailgate scene at Tech wasn’t very big, but in just the last two years it seems to have grown 10 fold. There were hundreds of campers, bbq’s, smokers and tail gating set ups of all types. We slowly made our way over to Jones Stadium and got to check out our season tickets (thanks john!). Our seats rock!!! 30 yard line, lower level, 8th row, and we had the end seats that were right next to the student section. Of course, everyone knows the student section is where all the fun is! I even got a few action shots of Gram Harrell passing to Michael Crabtree from our seats.

Gram Harrell passing to Michael Crabtree

We have a lot of history with the Aggies, and the Aggie game is always the one I look the most forward to. Nothing is more fun to me than to beat the sister kissing Aggies at Jones Stadium, and since they haven’t beaten us there since 1993 I have had many years to bask in the glory of a victory over the Aggies. The game itself was great. We beat them 35 to seven, put up over 400 yards passing and kept them from scoring after the first 5 mins or so in the first quarter.

Red Raider in Vick shirt with an Aggie

One of the funny things a bout this game was all of the hype over the Michael Vick shirts or the “Vick Um” shirts that have been in the news so much. First, to be clear:
I think the shirts are in bad taste.
I’m glad the University took the steps they took to stop the production of them, and to let the Aggies know that they didn’t approve of the shirts.
But what was funny to me was that if the national news hadn’t made such a big deal about the shirts, it never would have been a big deal! But since they did make a big deal out of it… you saw Vick references all over the place. People with Vic hats on, Vick body paint, Vick sighs etc. It was pretty funny.
more vick fun, notice the shoes

The most unusual, and oddly entertaining thing about this football game: The Aggies didn’t show up. They usually come in force taking up big sections of the stadium and doing their chants and yells loud enough for you to think you were in College Station. This year, I think the Aggie band had more people than the rest of the stadium cheering for AM. The Klan (yell) leaders did their little dances, and you couldn’t hear them at all. They did not have the impact as fans on the stadium that they usually have, and that is the first time I’ve seen that in the 10 years or so that I’ve been going to this game. Maybe they gave up since they haven’t won since 93 in Lubbock? Maybe we are too nasty for them…
Who knows, but this year they didn’t show up and they didn’t represent like they always do.

random pretty girl wanting to hang out with the studs… ok.. we are pretty sure someone bet her to come and ask to be in our pic…but she’s still cute and every blog post can use more cute girls.

What else? We did the anual Double T bench picture, and ate at Spanky’s. Spanky’s added downstairs outdoor coverd porch to eat in, and their cheese sticks are just as good as they always have been. What can I say!?!?! It was another great trip back to Lubbock, and I can’t wait to get back out there! I might have to head up to the OU game…. We’ll see.

Tim, Rob, Blake and Zach

our annual TT Bench pic