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what a weekend

What a weekend! This is one I will never forget.
More to come soon. Just a few pics for now:






Matt Williams: Texas Tech Kicker

Texas Tech football has been having one of the best years in the history of the school. We are ranked in the top ten, and thus far we are undefeated. We beat the “sister kissn’ Fighting Texas Aggies” at Kyle Field (never a small task). We scored 63 points, and tripled the score of the University of Kansas while booting them out of the top 25 this weekend. Winning 63 to 21 is always fun, but, the focus of this post will be the 9 points that our new kicker, Matt Williams, scored one at a time.


What’s the big deal? Well, first of all Tech has historically had problems with kicking, and this year we have pretty much sucked. This year so far we have missed six extra point opportunities and only made only 4 of 8 field goal attempts. Enter Matt Williams. Matt was a fan at a game a few weeks ago when he went out on the field for a chance to win a months free rent by kicking a 30 yard field goal between quarters. It would seem Matt punched the ball right through the posts, and did well enough to win the free rent. He he ended up turning down his winnings when Mike Leach offered him a spot on the team. That’s right, our kicker won a contest at a game half way into the season, and earned a spot on the team. This week he suited up, and since Tech’s rockn’ office scored 9 touchdowns, Matt had plenty of opportunities to take his test on the field. He didn’t miss a single attempt.


HOWEVER….Leach only had him kicking extra points, and not field goals (baby steps?), and our other kicker missed one from about 40 yards. Leach, if Matt is 9 for 9 on extra points, and he got noticed kicking a 30 yarder….why not let him try field goals? We are below 50% on them so far this year, so what do we have to lose?

As for the rest of the season for the Red Raiders, we have a difficult road ahead. I would love to be full of bravado and say we are going to go undefeated and win it all this year, but that will be an accomplishment that won’t come easy. Our next 4 games:

Texas- Currently ranked number one in the nation, undefeated, and took out OU (who was number 1 at the time). Fortunately we play them in Lubbock, but even when UT isn’t ranked number one, they always play us well. This game should be a battle; I will be at this game and will report back.

OSU (Oklahoma State for all of you non Big 12 folks)- Currently ranked number 9, and they just gave number 1 UT a run for their money in a game where a turnover near the goal line may have changed everything.

Oklahoma- Even with a loss, they are still ranked number 4 and we have to play them in Norman.

Baylor- Well….it’s just Baylor, but they are not the whipping boy they used to be.

Texas Tech vs. Texas AM: Vick Um! and more

Pics from the trip are in the gallery. Gallery is right-chow

Well the trip that I look forward to all year, every year has come to an end for 2007. I think this is the 7th or 8th year that Rob and I have gone back to Lubbock for a big football game (AM or UT) with a number of our friends, including: Blake, John, Sean, Bobbie, Chad, Kendra and several others. This year it was Blake, Rob and I going back for my favorite Tech home game: Tech vs. the feared and menacing sister kissing Texas Aggies! More to come on that soon.
the goose

Zach and Tim

We headed out to Lubbock just after work, and made it to see Ellis just after 10pm for some of the best food around, and to present our offering of “the goose”. Tim met us up there and we hung out for most of the night in that area and had a good time. Rob and the goose became real good friends, and we met some nice people along the way. :) . In fact, the goose stayed with Rob for the next 24 hours or so. It was cool to see how many people were there now that they re-opened Klusoz, and open the back door from that bar into Ellis’s area. By the way, Klusoz seems to be even cool than it was when I was a student hanging out in there. Check it out if you get a chance.


Most of the Saturday was in preparation for the game. We crashed at Tim’s place for the weekend and he was nice enough to start us off with a good breakfast to get us going. Thanks Tim!!! We headed to campus around noon or so, and ended up having to park wayyyy the funk out there! The cool thing about that was we got to see all of the tailgating that was going on. A few years ago the tailgate scene at Tech wasn’t very big, but in just the last two years it seems to have grown 10 fold. There were hundreds of campers, bbq’s, smokers and tail gating set ups of all types. We slowly made our way over to Jones Stadium and got to check out our season tickets (thanks john!). Our seats rock!!! 30 yard line, lower level, 8th row, and we had the end seats that were right next to the student section. Of course, everyone knows the student section is where all the fun is! I even got a few action shots of Gram Harrell passing to Michael Crabtree from our seats.

Gram Harrell passing to Michael Crabtree

We have a lot of history with the Aggies, and the Aggie game is always the one I look the most forward to. Nothing is more fun to me than to beat the sister kissing Aggies at Jones Stadium, and since they haven’t beaten us there since 1993 I have had many years to bask in the glory of a victory over the Aggies. The game itself was great. We beat them 35 to seven, put up over 400 yards passing and kept them from scoring after the first 5 mins or so in the first quarter.

Red Raider in Vick shirt with an Aggie

One of the funny things a bout this game was all of the hype over the Michael Vick shirts or the “Vick Um” shirts that have been in the news so much. First, to be clear:
I think the shirts are in bad taste.
I’m glad the University took the steps they took to stop the production of them, and to let the Aggies know that they didn’t approve of the shirts.
But what was funny to me was that if the national news hadn’t made such a big deal about the shirts, it never would have been a big deal! But since they did make a big deal out of it… you saw Vick references all over the place. People with Vic hats on, Vick body paint, Vick sighs etc. It was pretty funny.
more vick fun, notice the shoes

The most unusual, and oddly entertaining thing about this football game: The Aggies didn’t show up. They usually come in force taking up big sections of the stadium and doing their chants and yells loud enough for you to think you were in College Station. This year, I think the Aggie band had more people than the rest of the stadium cheering for AM. The Klan (yell) leaders did their little dances, and you couldn’t hear them at all. They did not have the impact as fans on the stadium that they usually have, and that is the first time I’ve seen that in the 10 years or so that I’ve been going to this game. Maybe they gave up since they haven’t won since 93 in Lubbock? Maybe we are too nasty for them…
Who knows, but this year they didn’t show up and they didn’t represent like they always do.

random pretty girl wanting to hang out with the studs… ok.. we are pretty sure someone bet her to come and ask to be in our pic…but she’s still cute and every blog post can use more cute girls.

What else? We did the anual Double T bench picture, and ate at Spanky’s. Spanky’s added downstairs outdoor coverd porch to eat in, and their cheese sticks are just as good as they always have been. What can I say!?!?! It was another great trip back to Lubbock, and I can’t wait to get back out there! I might have to head up to the OU game…. We’ll see.

Tim, Rob, Blake and Zach

our annual TT Bench pic

Texas Tech Basketball

We just beat the sister kissin’ Aggies. That makes 2 top 10 teams that we have upset in the last week.
Bobby Knight is my hero.

Go Tech!

Conclusion of Operation Fuddy Dutty. Texas Tech vs. UT weekend

Double T Bench, Blake, Rob, John, Zach

Well ladies and gentlemen, our 4 day weekend for operation Fuddy Dutty has come to completion. I would to open this post with a random quote from Fuddy himself during the weekend:

“It looks like that guy had butt taken out of his butt, and put in his lips.”

Fuddy Dutty himeslf

So the first and only really important questions…. Did we have fun? Was it better than sitting at home? Did Rob have more fun with us than he would have had working on his kitchen during the weekend? Did we do all the things we wanted and needed to do? The answer is a resounding yes!!! We had a blast, and an epic trip that I think all of us will remember for a very long time.

John Durrant on the Preston's Statue

Everybody has been asking me about the game. I’ve had taunts and questions from Longhorns, Longhorn fans, Aggies, and people who don’t even watch football. So I thought I’d lay it all out right here. I’m elated with how well the game went. I won’t lie to you guys. I thought we were going to get our butts kicked going into that game. We lost to Colorado, and were going up against top 10 ranked UT who has only lost to the best team in the nation (OSU) so far this year and is last year’s BCS champs. We didn’t get our butts kicked. We started up 21-0. We made a game out of it until the last 2 mins of the game, and lost by just 4pts. That football game was more intense and had better fan/crowd involvement than any Texas Tech football game that I’ve been to since the first time we brought the goal posts down against the Aggies (think that was either 1999 or 2000). It was a great football game and I had a blast being there in the student section with my friends, tortillas, and cocktail. A win would have been fantastic, but I’m happy with how things turned out.

With Blake, Rob and I there with our cameras, you might imagine that we took a ton of pictures. I think we got some great pics and tried some new and fun things with our cameras. We had some great results, and I also managed to blow a few dozen pictures because I’m a dumbass (freakn’ high speed flash sync!) You should check out Rob and Blake’s webpages to see some more of the work. I posted some of the pics from all of our cameras in my gallery.

And I leave you with this…what most people have told me is the best pic taken this weekend.
Double T Bench, Blake, Rob, John, Zach

Rob’s webpage

Blake’s photo page