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Just some recent pics:

Momma's glasses


Amy  Curnow


Kate Tache




I’ve been slacking off again…and I’m sure the 10’s of millions of you out there who read this deserve a an apology. :)
In the last few years, it seems like the time between Thanksgiving and New Years is always overbooked for me. I have all sorts of things that I am waiting on the New Year to book and do (live music…more photo interview etc.).

I have done a few a few photo shoots since the shoot with Liz below, and since I don’t have anything else interesting to share with you guys today, I’ll just share some of them.

WAIT!!!! I did realize today that for the past 20 years or so I have been singing the wrong lyrics to the song that I thought was “Pretty little love song” by Marshall Tucker Band…that is actually “Heard it in a love song…”. Sigh.

After Liz came sweet Caroline (“good times never seemed so good“):

Then I had a dinner/Christmas pics night with the Guptas and Ramicks.
I call this one Magnum (think Zoolander)


Erica Gupta, Mom and Dad



From there we shot the Cartwright Sisters (and by we… I mean me….)

Cartwright Sisters Christmas Pics

Cartwright Sisters Christmas Pics

Cartwright Sisters

Other than that, I have been going back to some older shoots and working on some of the pics…and hope to post others soon. This may be my favorite so far:


As always, click on the pics above if you want to see more from those shoots, or visit my flickr at

Photo Shoot with Liz


I was fortunate enough to do a fun photo session with my friend Liz a week or two ago, and it is time to share a few of the pics with you guys. Liz is stunning, and every time I go through the pictures I find more that I want to publish; so there will probably be more added to my flickr in the upcoming weeks. Click on any of the photos to go to the flickr gallery, or click here. People think I am kidding when they ask me for advice on taking good pictures, and I respond with: “Easy, just take pictures of gorgeous things.”



Updated 11/20/09
Liz came by and helped pick out a few other images to get ready for display. This one went wild on flickr, with more comments and views than any pic I have taken.


Photo Interview- Eric Neal

Combine a local artist, a quick photo shoot, and a simple interview and you have the concept behind a photo interview. Today I bring you the fourth installment in this series, and would like to introduce you to a very talented musician who is the master of a plethora of instruments and has played for and/or recorded with numerous local artists and bands (The Slack, Cas Haley & Woodbelly, Fishing For Comets, Kristy Kruger,Salim Nourallah & The Constellations, to name just a few). He also plays with his fiance, and subject of my last photo interview, Camille Cortinas. Ladies and Gents, I present Mr. Eric Neal.

Eric Neal 20

Z- Name, rank, and serial number?
Eric- Eric Neal, The Scorsese of the DOMA’s, 2716057

Z- How long have you considered yourself a musician?
Eric- Since birth? The only reason I say that is that since I was a little kid that was the one thing that was so exciting to me. My parents say that before I could walk I learned to put the record on the turntable and play for hours. By 14 years old I was well on my way to making this my career.

Camille Cortinas and Eric Neal26

Z- You have played with so many different people/group/types of music, what is your favorite style of music to play?
Eric- It’s really too hard to commit to a favorite. I love the variety.

Z-When I think of Eric Neal, I think of the guy who seemingly can play any instrument ever made. How many instruments can you play?
Eric- Let’s see here… Guitar, bass, mandolin, violin, pedal steel, banjo, piano, accordion, drums, double bass. Maybe a few others. I am sure that I am missing something.

Eric Neal 25
Z-What is your favorite?
Eric- It would have to be a tie between guitar and bass.

Z-If you could only keep one of your instruments, which would it be?
Eric- There are a few that would be very sentimental just because I’ve had them so long. But if I had to choose one, it would be my Ibanez JEM 777. It is absolutely ridiculous, neon pink with flowers and a vine growing up the neck. It is just totally absurd, but I got it when I was 15 and really excited and learning about guitar.

Z- Many people are familiar with Booker T. Washington School for the Visual and Performing Arts because of folks like Erykah Badu, Norah Jones, Zac Baird (of Korn) that have made it into pop culture. There are multitudes of other Booker T alums, many still in or around Dallas who still perform. Having gone there yourself, can you name any alum who you follow or still follow?
Eric- A few that come quickly to mind are Kristy Kruger, Linda Garner, Kris Youmans, and Chris Carmichael.

Camille Cortinas and Eric Neal9

Z- What kind of impact did BTW have on your music?
It had a big influence on me musically. I got into Jazz there. It was the place where I started playing bass at taking it seriously. I learned more of the ins and outs of what I was doing. Before that I didn’t really like the bass, and now it is one of my favorite instruments to play.

Z- If you could only listen to one album, what would it be?
Eric-Van Halen- 1984

As always, get out and support the local live music scene! Great music is all around you, and is not limited to what you can find on the radio or TV. You can find when and where Eric is playing on his calendar, and I assure you that your ears will thank you. I am happy to report that the next installment of the Photo Interviews has already been photographed and interviewed. I hope to have that posted for you guys soon, and I may even have a few new twists in the format (video?).


Photo Interview with Shanti Michelle

Two of the most prolific parts of my blog are: Live music pics/reviews, and studio pics/portriats. I thought it might be interesting to meld the two worlds together a little bit and do a studio photo shoot with an artist, and accompany that with a really simple interview with a few basic questions. The first in this series is the very talented and lovely Shanti Michelle:


Name, Rank and Serial Number:
Shanti Michelle
28 years old
Hometown: Grand Prairie TX

Z- How long would you say you have been a musician?
Shanti- Since I was six. I actually have a recording of me on the guitar when I was six playing a song that I wrote. At seventeen I really started to pick music back up. I was a long distance runner and after I blew out my knees, mom taught me the dulcimer to help me pass the time. I played in coffee shops during high school as a hobby, but it was at twenty six after living in Mexico to study the guitar that I figured out that this was my calling and what I wanted to purse in life.


Z-Can you tell me who a few of your favorite local artists are?
Shanti- Becky Middleton, Eric Tipton, Joshua Ingram, Brad Thompson, Johnny Rollins, Molly Venter (Austin)

Z- If you could only keep three of your possessions, and get rid of everything else, what would you take with you?
Shanti- I would take my Guitar, my cat, and my bike Bike (Trek 5200).

More on her bike, which I must admit I lust after, in a bit.


Z- If you could only listen to one album, what would it be?
Shanti- My parents are both musicians, and when I was young they recorded an album together; that would be the one album I would keep if I had to choose.

Z- You have played in quite a few venues around the Dallas and Fort Worth area, what are some of your favorites?
Shanti- The Listening Room, Opening Bell (South Side on Lamar), and Eight-0 in Fort Worth.


Z- One of the things I struggle with is trying to define someone’s sound or style. I think “folk” and “indie” are overused and most times don’t do justice or accurately describe any given music. How would you characterize your style and sound?
Shanti- That is a good question. I would say that my music is mellow with a little bit of blues and country influences.

Z- In one sentence, how do you want to be remembered?
Shanti- As an expression of unconditional love.

Shanti 343

I have been giving Shanti a little bit of grief over the fact that I can’t buy her music anywhere right now, and I really wanted a copy of her song “Fools Are a Long Line Comin’” for my play list at home. After we finished with the photo shoot and the interview, she broke out her guitar, her iPod, and a microphone that plugs into the bottom of the iPod (I didnt know that existed). She then went on to play and record that song, and a few others for me right there on the spot. Pretty sweet!

Shanti will be leaving Texas soon, but she will be riding her bike back from New Mexico in about a month. Make sure to keep an eye out for her shows around town; I promise you won’t be disappointed. You can listen to some of her music and check her calendar on her myspace page. Give a listen to “Fools” and the other music and videos she has posted. The review of her recent show at the Listening Room is righhhht-chooowwww, and more pics from that photo shoot can be found here.