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Fitness update

I have to admit that I’m a little bit nervous. This is usually around the time of year that I pack on a few pounds and a bit of a “winter coat” from all of the food and fun to be had at Thanksgiving, Christmas parties, work parties, friend parties, new years parties etc. etc. Then in January I figure out just how tubby I have become, and come up with a plan to de-fatten for the new year, and post it on here ( I guess making it public helps me stay the course).

Well, this year I feel like I am ahead of the curve. I am in better shape (or so I think) now than I was last year after my de-fattening ended in Feb. . I have taken a bit of a differnt approach to my diet and exercise and yes, I hit it extra hard before my 30th birthday. Anyway, I feel like I am in really good shape, but tomorrow is the moment of truth. I haven’t done one of these in years….. so I don’t know what to expect. I’m doing a fitness analysis a the gym and they will tell me that I need to stretch more, and tell me what my body fat % is. I can pinch my sides, stand on the scales, look in the mirror all I want, but the info they will tell me tomorrow is actual hard data that will let me know where I stand.

Wish me luck!

*** Update: I went to the Gym today and Miss Melissa poked and prodded on me for a while and told me my body fat %.
Not bad. According to the handy chart on the wall, I think it was about 2-3% above “athelete”, and I think I can get there pretty soon. After all, if I don’t I might have to change my myspace to “about average” instead of athletic…and we all know that “about average” is a myspace euphemism for tubby. :) just kidding. From having done this before, getting down below my current % is as much about adding muscle weight as it is about cutting fat.

Annual Fitness Update

Fried Cheese

So, from looking back at the posts from around this time over the past few years, it would seem that I do pretty much the same thing every year. The process seems pretty simple and one I think that a lot of you guys out there in the blogosphere can probably relate to. It goes something like this:
Step one: stay in good shape for most of the year.
Step two: give up on staying in shape starting around Thanksgiving through new years (due to all the food, parties, food, booze, parties etc.).
Step three: Realize how much tonnage has been added, and quickly start on a plan to solve the problem.

This year was a little bit worse than in years past in some ways, and a lot better in others. I started slacking off on going to the gym right before I bought my house because my life and free time was occupied with searching for a home, packing, and getting everything in order so that I could make my net worth go from a positive number to a negative one and become a homeowner. I still went to the gym, but it was maybe once or twice a week as opposed to 3-4 times every week. The first few months after I got the house I slacked off on the gym as well for several reasons including work and getting the house fixed up. So while I wasn’t in terrible shape, leading into Nov. I was a little softer than I like to be and about 4-5lbs. more heavy. Right about that time comes Christmas and Thanksgiving with countless parties, lunches, dinners, happy hours and other events that make eating healthy almost impossible. Well…. My first weigh in on Jan 1 was a bit of a surprise. I figured I’d be somewhere around 168 or 169 (about 6-7 lbs over where I like to be). Nope… Tubby over here tipped the scales at 174. I think I could hear the scale groan when I stepped on. 174!!!!! I’ve been that heavy before, even more heavy than that, but that was when I was lifting like a mad man and was real bulked up. This wasn’t a good 174. Time to come up with a plan and some goals.

Here are where things are better than before. I’ve done this a few times and have it down to an art, so I can put the wheels in motion pretty quickly and lean down. I also seemed to get back into better shape faster this year, thus allowing me to burn off the lard even faster.

The Plan:
Go to the gym at least 4 times a week, with a 70-30 or so ratio of cardio to weights.
Cut calorie intake to no more than 1200 per day.
Limit liquid calories (coke/beer/booze…ok ok ok…that really means mostly beer and booze) to no more than 4 drinks per week.

That’s it, a pretty simple plan.

This was a little bit tricky, because I set this goal when I thought I was going to be around 168-ish on Jan 3. So I set an aggressive goal based on those numbers, which means that when I almost broke the scale at 174…the goal got even more aggressive and difficult.
The Goal:
By Feb 3, be under 160lbs.
That’s 14 lbs. in 1 month. That would mean burning about a half of a lb. per day for the whole month.

Well, it’s not Feb 3 yet, but I thought I would give a status report. So far, I’m doing much better than I thought I would. As I noted before I think being in better shape last year than most of the years before really helped me get back into shape faster than ever before. My cardo health really got up to speed quickly and I can now really burn the calories at the gym. My 1 hour work outs right now are about 40 mins of cardio, buring 400-500 Calories, and about 20 mins of weights focusing heavy lifting on large major muscle groups. I also do lots of pull-ups. This morning I weighed in at 160. That’s just .1lb from my goal, and I have 7 days left. I’m pretty sure I can manage to lose one tenth of a pound. :) I’m in such a burning mode right now I think I’m going to keep going with it for the rest of the time and see if I can get down around 155. Over the next week or so I’ll start doing more weights, and also focus on more protein in my diet to build a little mass.

I like that I’m able to really get aggressive with this and get fast results. It makes it easy to stick to the plan when you see real and significant results every week. I’m not sure I could do this if this was going to take several months. It feels good having my pants fit right again, and my knees and ankles can tell the difference of just losing those 14 lbs. My clothes fit better, I feel better….all around it’s just a good thing to be back in shape. I never want to get to the point where I’m so out of shape that getting back into shape will take months. Keeping things in check like this will help me make sure that never happens.

**Update 2/4/2008**
The official weigh in yesterday was 159. Mission accomplished. I think I’m going to keep leaning down for another week or two and see what I can do.

i give up on tring to name these things


I think this is going to be another one of those medley blog posts that tries to cover way to many subjects in an attempt to make up for the lack of time to write enough posts to keep up.

So where to begin? Let’s seeeeeeeee. I haven’t done a fitness update in a year or so and that makes a nice transition into my next subject, so here goes nothing. For the last year or so I’ve been maintaining my fitness pretty well. I haven’t really made any big efforts to improve anything, but working out I’ve been happy with my fitness and my health. In the last month or so I’ve been trying to kick it up a few steps and have been having good results. Keni keeps posting about her running and getting in shape for their wedding next week. On top of Keni and Blake being all sexy, I have to try to get in shape because my date for the rehearsal and wedding is about two to three times more pretty than I am handsome. I told Keni that if I don’t get in better shape, the little old ladies at the wedding will see us and assume that the pretty girl had to take her ugly little brother to the wedding….and that would be too much for my sensitive ego to handle! So I’m trying my best to not confuse the little old ladies and try to look respectable for the wedding. Last year I was biking like mad, and only doing some weights. This year is pretty much the opposite of that. I think I’ve ridden once and haven’t ridden with Blake or Rob at all (not sure I can even keep up now). But I have the weights and diet figured out pretty well by this point, and have been getting the results I’ve been looking for.


One week! Cinco de Mayo! Blake will no longer be a free man! He is going to forever be enslaved to the tyrannical dictator that is Kendra. His life will be forever changed. He will no longer play with the guys, he’ll have to ask permission to go out, and risks becoming Fuddy Dutty part Duex. :) Actually I’m not at all worried about Blake. Miss Keni is a pretty fantastic lady and I’ve never met anyone who could hope to be a better match for Mr. Blake than her. I’m confident that they will be happy and enjoy their marriage and new adventure down in the Ghetto of South Dallas.


I feel like I’m way behind on my pictures. For me this is a good problem to have because it means I’ve been taking lots and lots of photos. I’m just not used to falling so far behind on getting them posted. I’ll post a few in here as previews. Since my last post I’ve taken pics with Blake and Viv of the 65 Fastback Mustang, and 99 Viper GTS. I think there are some really good pics, but like the others I haven’t had time to go through them all.

I’ve also have been playing with some older pics like the ones below of Melissa and above of Jen. I want to find a day soon to just go through older pics and fix them up.


Finally I have done two recent shoots for Ally and Bend Studio. One was of the Bob Schneider and Dan Dyer show at Rock House Films in Dallas. The other was for a magazine that needed pics of her studio (flower pic at the top of this post is from that shoot). The Bob show was fun as always. It was a refreshing show at a cool little venue. If you ever need a really funny/entertaining music show, it’s hard to go wrong with Bob. I enjoyed Dan also; I’ve heard his music on the Bend benefit CD’s for a long time now, and have never had the chance to see him live. Very mellow and smooth. I think I got some good pics of Dan also, but have only looked through the Bob pics so far.


Dan Dyer

So many more things I could ramble about like Militza and Sam moving into their house, the Byron Nelson and shoe show, or Momo’s 80th birthday…but this post is already too long and over done. I’ve been really good but just really busy. Almost every moment has been accounted for lately with work and fun. Everything is fantastic, but it still didn’t feel like I’m getting any rest. Sorry for the long rambling post. I’ll try to add enough pics to make up for the boring text. :)


Bend Studio







Downward Facing Dumbass- Zach’s Yoga adventure:

I thought it would be interesting to try out some new things in the world of staying fit and healthy. Since I’ve been spending a lot of time at Bend Studio for their music shows, I thought I would give Ally a shot at teaching this non-flexible guy a little Yoga. After all, I have two friends who are very into it and very fit, and the price for Bend’s beginner class was negligible. On top of that, I was, and still am very interested to learn how yoga helps in fitness and wellness because I don’t really understand it.

The first class went pretty well. I felt like I was a little bit more flexible than I was giving myself credit for (but by no means “flexible”). I felt a little bit uncoordinated while dong some of the poses, but didn’t find any of them to be taxing on muscle strength. The one really strange thing that I didn’t expect was that I got an endorphin type head rush a few times. I think it was caused by all of the expanding and opening up of the chest/spine, but not sure. The last 10 mins of class in the “corpses” pose was worth the entire course fee! I left feeling so loose and relaxed….. Good stuff. My obliques were a little sore the next day, but otherwise didn’t notice anything.

The second class last night was a little bit more taxing. Some of the poses were more difficult, and the less difficult ones were harder on me because I was really trying to make sure I was doing them right (welll… let’s just say …. less wrong). I’m afraid that Ally might think that I was being rude or disrespectful because I laughed out loud several times during the session. I was laughing at myself because for some reason I felt stumpy and uncoordinated as hell last night! I know I’m my fathers son…and stumpy by nature, but I felt like someone cut off 8 inches from all of my limbs, and gave me the coordination of a little girl taking dance for the first time. I’d get my arms set up, and my legs would be all out of wack. I’d fix that and then something else would be messed up. At one point we were doing a pose that when it was demonstrated…. It looked easy. It looked as simple as someone saying : touch your nose with your finger tip. Then I tried…. It looked so simple but I couldn’t get my knees anywhere CLOSE to being together like they were supposed to be, and I had to cheat and sit on a blanket (not the floor as demonstrated) because I’m pretty sure I would have pulled a muscle if I went for the floor. I laughed because it was as funny as trying to do the simple task of touching your nose, and for some reason not being able to get more than 8 inches away from it. I was the downward facing dumbass!!! That’s why I was laughing. It was either get frustrated or laugh at myself…so I laughed!

I’ll keep you guys updated. So far so good. It’s very different for me and I’m enjoying it.

Bike Ride

Ever write a blog post knowing full well that pretty much nobody is going to read it? Think this is one of those. I’ve really enjoyed getting back into bike riding. I fixed up Dad’s 20 year old Trek 2000 (might be a 1500.. will have to check) and have been riding several times a week lately. Sometimes solo, sometimes with friends, sometimes at night. I find it relaxing, and I can get a good cardio workout with out tearing up my knees, shins, and ankles getting destroyed.

Sir Robert and I went on a 36 mile ride last weekend in the humid 100 degree heat. I think we might have pushed our limits a little bit further than we should have, but we made it back home in one piece. We got to see some really cool and beautiful parts of the city I’ve never seen before. Not only did we get a good work out, but it also gave 2 great friends a few hours to enjoy each other’s company (the golf effect?). We went on another shorter ride yesterday with Vivek. It looks like he might get a bike and come ride with us also.

Did you really read all that?