Emily Elbert and Becky Middleton at Standard an Pours.

Emily Elbert and Becky Middelton at Standard an Pours.
Emily Elbert @ Standard and Pours

My plan this weekend is to go see and shoot three shows, starting with Emily Elbert and Becky Middleton at Standard and Pours. A 2mph bike wipe out might keep me from seeing all three shows….but that’s another blog post altogether. I hear some girls dig guys with knees that are as big as softballs…..

Pascal told me months ago that I needed to make sure and check out this 17 year old wonder girl who was becoming a local favorite at her place. I checked out her Myspace and was very impressed and made sure to take Pascal’s recommendation and I went to see her play last night.

So what is there to know about Miss Emily? First of all she is already kicking ass at 17 years old. Her voice is very developed and refined, and her guitar playing is more than good enough to keep up with her vocals. She will soon be attending the Berkley School of Music where I’m sure she will take the skills and talents she has and hone them to a fine edge. However….I am afraid that recently Emily must have done something bad. She might have kicked a bunny, cheated on a test, or even have failed to recognize Texas Tech as the cooooolest University in the known universe. I’m not exactly sure what it was, but it had to be pretty bad because her house got struck by lightning lat week! Apparently it was bad enough that they can’t live there until after Christmas. Poor Emily’s family (Poor Bunny! : ) ).

Emily Elbert at Standard and Pours

Back to the task at hand Zach. You are rambling. Off on a tangent. Getting off course and off of the beaten path. Getting into uncharted territory…..

The show was very entertaining. Most of the show was just Emily with her voice and her guitar sitting cross-legged in her stool. She played a few songs with a friend of hers from school in the middle of her set. Emily’s voice is very mellow with a jazzy feel to it. I would love hear what she can do with her voice with a few well placed horns behind her. It really surprised me how genuinely surprised and grateful she seemed to be when people would clap after a song, or even cheer because the next song she announced was a song they knew. She is not yet the experianced (jaded?) artist that just expects or doesn’t even notice such antics from the crowd. I could try to describe her music, but it might be more effecient to check out her myspace. She has four good songs on her page if you would like to get a feel for her style and for her sound. You can also buy her whole album for $10 (or .99 per song) on iTunes. I haven’t figured out how to create an iTunes link yet, but she’s easy to find if you search her name. Overall I was very impressed with her show, and would defiantly recommend her to anyone who enjoys good mellow live music. I have a feeling we will be seeing more of Miss Emily.

Emily and her friend at Standard and Pouors

Becky Middleton played immediately following Emily. I am sad to say that I was only able to stay for a few songs, but I’d still like to write a few words for her. Becky sat down to play the biggest damn keyboard I have ever seen in my life. This thing had to be as big as a twin bed, and was defiantly bigger than she was! She sat down and played that keyboard and sang her songs. When I say she sang…. I mean she really sang! That girl has some pipes! She has one of those voices that just hit you, and you can’t help but be amazed that so much voice is coming out of such a small person. The four or five songs that I got to here were well played and I enjoyed them. I hate that I couldn’t stay, but maybe I’ll be able to catch another show around town. She also has several of her songs on her myspace. All in all it was a great night at Standard and Pours! If you get the chance you should check out Emily and Becky; they both play around Dallas and won’t disappoint.

Becky at Standard and Pours

Emily’s myspace
Becky’s Myspace
Standard and Pours

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